Conservation Innovations

Conservation Innovation

Conservation requires constant reinvention.  New information, new technologies, and new ways of thinking about the world enable WCS to find and spread new ways to conserve wildlife and wild places and inspire people from all walks of life to value nature.

Our Goal

Develop and share new concepts, technologies and approaches to the conservation of nature

Our strategies include:

  • Develop tools to democratize landscape planning in urban and wild landscapes and seascapes
  • Reconstruct historical landscapes of wildlife and nature in heavily developed places like New York City
  • Create methods to plan to save a species across its range and in specific landscapes
  • Map the human footprint and the last of the wild
  • Identify and understand fundamental threats to nature at local, national, and global scales

Why WCS?:  Our ability to think broadly and deeply across gradients, from the most densely developed urban places to the wildest places on the planet, give us an unprecedented ability to detect and respond to the trends shaping the human relationship to nature.